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2011 Foals

Psavannah FW and her 2011 Filly Psynderella

They are have now all arrived! A total of three colts and four fillies! We are off to a great start! Kuhailan Artex is turning out to be everything I had hoped for. He is really stamping his babies (both purebred and Half) with tons of type, correct conformation and size! Some have even inherited his particularly silky soft coat. This stallion is really going to steer my breeding program full steam ahead! He just might be the best stallion to ever stand here. Keep checking back as we are always updating.

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July 5, 2011 Black Purebred Colt- (Kuhailan Artex-Good Knight Irene by Bask Knight)

Ben Jamin- July 5, 2011, another homerun for Kuhailan Artex! Full brother to last year's Pistallo FW, and with all that extra chrome and SIZE he is going to be another stunner! You can bet we are going for a repeat next year! This colt was sold in utero- Congrats to Morena and Grayson! Crossing my fingers for a filly next year!

Psymitar- Purebred Arabian Colt- March 27, 2011

Psymitar FW- Purebred Black? Black-Bay/Seal Brown colt sired by Kuhailan Artex and out of Psonata (Magnum Spatz- Mohini Faline). Truly beautiful colt, thought he was black when he was born but now we aren't so sure. Guess time will tell, but black or not he is GORGEOUS, tall and very typey just like his siblings. Really looking forward to watching him grow. SOLD

Jinx- February 15, 2011

Jinx- February 15, 2011- Sired by a purebred Clydesdale out of the half Arab/Appaloosa mare Tasheena. Jinx was a bit of an unexpected surprise but a welcome one to his owner Jamie Parson. Big, well put together and an absolute sweetheart Jinx is quickly becoming a farm favorite. And I think it is safe to say he is NOT for sale!


Born July 17, 2011 (Kuhailan Artex-Fairwinds Little Sister)

Foxwillow's Terra Moon- Born July 17, 2011 this stunning Half Arab filly will be my replacement riding horse. I had hoped for a colt (geldings are just so much easier!) but I can't complain this little girl is exactly what I wanted. She has the best of both breeds- beauty, incredible disposition and is she ever SMART! She appears to be soft gaited as well (crossing my fingers as her dam is a dream ride!). Can't wait till she grows up! NOT FOR SALE.

April 4, 2011- Morab Filly by Kuhailan Artex out of Moonwillow FW

Foxwillow Feather-  April 4, 2011. Sired by Kuhailan Artex out of the lovely Morgan mare Moonwillow FW, this filly is eligible to be registered as both a Half Arab and as a Morab. She is an absolute sweetheart and the farm favorite. She is almost a clone of her dam- just with Arabian type! Available for purchase at weaning.

Psynderella- March 3, 2011

Psynderella- March 3, 2011- Sired by Kuhailan Artex out of Psavannah FW, Ella is our long awaited first 31/32 palomino Arabian. She is everything I hoped for and more. This filly will be a valuable asset to our dilute Arabian breeding program and it will be a true joy watching her mature. And no, she is NOT for sale either.

Khyanne FW- 2011 chestnut purebred filly (Kuhailan Artex-TOF Khedance by Khemosabi)

Khyanne FW- March 14, 2011- Sired by Kuhailan Artex out of TOF Khedance. This gorgeous girl has an incredible personality that really sets her apart. Right from her first breath she has been curious, friendly and adventurous. She is going to keep her mama very busy! We are really pleased with the quality of foals we are getting from her sire...tall, great conformation and lots of type! This little girl is truly one to watch.

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