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2006 Foals

2006 Purebred Arabian colts
Psychaser VHF, Aspirant VHF, and Poznan VHF

All of our 2006 foals have now arrived, each one now has their own page, just click on their photos or names, so you can "watch them grow", check back often! We have had six Arabian foals by Magnum Spatz and one Half Arabian by Elaan , as well as a pretty little Palomino Miniature colt.  All the colts are available for purchase and we welcome offers. Most are nominated for US Halter Futurity, Canadian Halter Futurity, Region 16 (Yearling and three year old) and East Coast Futurities. We offer discounts for foals purchased before weaning and will consider terms to qualified buyers. *****Special consideration to show homes*****

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2006 Fillies

2006 Bay Purebred Filly
(Magnum Spatz-Mohini Faline by Saheer Baahz LH)

Psonata VHF- Foaled July 8, 2006 she arrived just minutes before Colonel J did on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. She is a stunner and everything we could have possibly have hoped for in a future showhorse and broodmare prospect. She has two partialy blue eyes, an offset large star and large snip including her lower lip on her face as well as four white feet indicating she may produce Sabino. She is very tall with a gorgeous head, long upright neck, level topline and this little lady can TROT! We are incredibly thrilled to finally have a fine Spatz daughter of our own and look forward to showing her and later adding her to our broodmare band- so NO this one is NOT for Sale!

2006 Purebred Grey Arabian Filly
(Magnum Spatz- Ahbaja by Fortunne)

Bahija- May 21, 2006, first born filly sired by Magnum Spatz out of the Pure Polish Fortunne (Fortel son) daughter whose dam is a full sister to the Gdansk son, Gallup. This filly is everything her pedigree says she should be- typey, refined, awesome trot, charisma and just oozing with quality! She just keeps getting prettier everyday, we will be building her own page so check back soon. She is not offered for sale at this time.

2006 Black/Black-bay 31/32 Arabian Filly
(Elaan-Nesma el Bahr by Sophiras Amir)

Chimosa VHF- March 26, 2006 First foal sired by Elaan, our buckskin stallion out of the black mare Nesma el Bahr. Chimosa is our first second generation baby on both sides as we bred both her sire and dam. She is a double Sophiras Amir granddaughter and really shows it in her exotic head and type. She is a mischeivous little darling already (her name means mischiefous little girl in Spanish) and we are bracing ourselves to always be entertained! For Sale at $800.00 Or Best Reasonable Offer.

2006 Colts

2006 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Sabino Colt
(Magnum Spatz-Miss Mendeza by Ebonys Mendeza)

FW Mashaana- April 23, 2006- Sired by Magnum Spatz and out of Miss Mendeza by Ebony's Mendeza. This colt is our first Sabino foal and by by far the most lookalike son of Magnum Spatz- hence his barn name "Junior"! He has a wrap around blaze with a patch of color at the lips giving him a "smiling " look, he has white under the chin, white spot on his cheek and his stoclkings reach his kness/hocks or higher. Hard to tell about belly spots at this time. This colt carries some of the finest Polish, Russian, Egyptian and Spanish bloodlines including Magnum Psyche, Opus One, Aladdinn, Julep, Hallany Mistanny, Padron, Sambor, Bask with a tail female going back to the fabulous Amfibia- definitley a dam of distinction. Junior is a HUGE colt, correct with plenty of type and with the added bonus of color he is sure to make a statement wherever he goes. For Sale $1800.00 Cash or $2500.00 Terms  **SOLD**

2006 Purebred Liver Chestnut Arabian colt
(Magnum Spatz- Polasingul by Gallup)

Poznan VHF- April 23, 2006- Sired by Magnum Spatz and out of Polasingul, Pure Polish daughter of Gallup. He is a wonderful liver chestnut in color but may grey out though at this point we can't find a single white hair on him. He has lots of chrome with Sabino indicators in his "spiky" leg markings. "Pozzy" is tall with a long hingy neck, pretty head and and a super sweet disposition. Maternal sister, Johara VHF, is already a halter winner (see our News page for photos) and being conditioned for Sport Horse as well. Pozzy will  truly be a star in his own right, whatever his future holds. For Sale see Sale Page 1, Reasonable offers considered.

2006 Purebred Chestnut Arabian colt
(Magnum Spatz- Goodknight Irene by Bask Knight)

Psovereign VHF- April 19, 2006 Sired by Magnum Spatz and out of Goodknight Irene by Bask Knight. My first thought when this colt was born was how much he resembled Padron- and as he is unfolding he looks more and more like his legendary ancestor. We are more than pleased with this beautiful, typey and correct colt- stop back often to "watch" him grow!

2006 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Colt
(Magnum Spatz-IWT Ladyhawke)

Pskychaser VHF- April 13, 2006- Sired by Magnum Spatz and out of the lovely Aladdinn granddaughter, IWT Ladyhawke. This colt is HUGE with long legs, looks like he will have some size! It's too bad he is one of those horses that is just NOT photogenic, he's so much prettier in person. Looks very much like Papa with the same pretty head, long neck and regal bearing. He has Sabino markings as the underside of his jaw is white up to his throatlatch! Waiting for him to shed so we can look at his belly too! In addition, this colt has a blaze, lower lip white and two hind stockings for just the right amount of flash. His dam has always passed on her big bold trot and this time was no exception so Chase will definitley be a canidate for English Pleasure. This colt will be tall, typey and and should definitley make a splash in the showring.  For Sale see Sale Page 1, Reasonable offers considered.

2006 Miniature palomino colt
(Violet Hills Fidgety Trigger- Violet Hills Angel)

Violet Hills Sparks of Gold- April 12, 2006- Sired by Violet Hills Fidgety Trigger and out of Violet Hills Angel (see Mini Page). We're all in love with this cute little ball of fluff! He looks like he might have his daddy's Araby head and refinement, we're looking forward to watching him grow up- check back often as we update his photos. For Sale at $550.00.

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