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2005 Foals

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2005 Fillies

Nemesis VHF

Photo taken at 4 months of age
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Born April 14, 2005 (Saba Mashaali-IWT Ladyhawke) Probably one of the most beautiful fillies we have ever bred, tall, exotic, lots of substance and oh boy can she trot! She always has her tail over her back as she moves, life is a true joy for this little girl. She is no longer for sale as we are retaining her for our breeding program.

Phantasia VHF

Photo taken at 5 mos

Born April 5, 2005. (ASA Ebony Pharoah-Miss Mendeza)- purebred black filly with three low white feet and a star, we're very pleased with this gorgeous girl. She is a wonderful cross of Egyptian and Polish bloodlines including Saud el Ameer, Opus One, Aladdinn, Comet, Faserr, Farag Allah and more. Keep checking back for updated pictures as she grows. SOLD to Ron and Mary Brazie

Johara VHF

Photo at 4 months

Born March 18, 2005 (ASA Ebony Pharoah-Polasingul) purebred black/black bay going grey filly with an interesting blaze (no idea where that is coming from), she is tall with a beautiful dished head, big eyes, a long neck and tons of prescence! We call her "the Princess" because she always seems to be surveying her "kingdom" and loves to strut around. She is very sweet and kind but seems to know she's special. Wonderful cross of pure Polish on a predominatley Egyptian bred stallion (Babson/Davenport), her pedigree includes Saud el Ameer, Synbad, Faserr, Gallup, Gdansk, Elimar and more.  SOLD to Sarah Theroux

Escapade VHF

Photo at 6 mos

Born February 28, 2005 (ASA Ebony Pharoah-Nesma el Bahr) our first foal of the season, gorgeous black filly with a large elongated star, snip and three white socks, lots of substance, definitley her father's daughter!  Her dam is one of only two purebred daughters of Sophiras Amir our foundation stallion. This cute little girl is a rich blend of Polish and Egyptian lines with a touch of Crabbet, including Almawardy, Fadjur (2 X), Touch of Magic, Port Bask, and Abu Farwa. Sold to Jennifer Peotter.

2005 Colts 

Shaydance VHF

Photo taken at one day old

Born November 27, 2005. Sired by Saba Mashaali out of the beautiful Khemosabi daughter TOF Khedance. Known as "Shady", this little man has a personality plus! He LOVES people and enjoys chasing chickens. He is refined with a gorgeous head- pronouced dish with large eyes and small tippy ears. His pedigree is a wonderful blend of Egyptian and Polish with 3X to Khemosabi! His sire is black and Shady is shedding out a beautiful black-bay and should be able to produce black. He is for sale so all you Khemo lovers take note. For Sale- see Sale Page 1.

Rumplestiltzkyn VHF

Photo taken at 6 weeks old
Click his photo to visit his page for more photos, pedigree and information.

Born September 12, 2005,(Magnum Spatz-Sophiras Amulette) Second foal but first purebred sired by Spatz out of our beloved Amulette. He is everything we could have hoped for- except he's not a filly! He has a gorgeous head, long neck, level topline with a great hip and man does this kid have some legs! He looks like he will definitley be a halter canidate with a performance future as well. Region 16 Futurity nominated. SOLD.

Psandmann VHF

Photo at 23 mos old.
Click photo to go to his page for more photos and information

Born September 9, 2005-(Magnum Spatz-The Golden Rocket) This stunning minimal Sabino palomino colt is the first born of Magnum Spatz and a maternal brother to the beautiful Elaan. He is almost perfectly marked with an even blaze, lower lip white and three high stockings. He has a gorgeous head with huge eyes and a teacup muzzle. He looks like he will have a long neck and wonderful conformation as well.  He is very friendly and ready to take on the world! Keep an eye on this one- he's going places! Region 16 and East Coast Championship Futurity nominated.  Offered for Sale  $2000.00.

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