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"C'mon  in", we have such a collection of favorites going that we just had to start a new page! Might have to even make it a third!

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Taking a break!!!
Alexa and her Rocky Mountain gelding Roman

Loving the open spaces!!!!
Buffcaps Indian Summer- Half Arab Pinto mare

A new concept in teaching kids to keep their heels works!!

Just makes me think..."Once upon a time out on the range..."

Pretty she IS and pretty she DOES too!

Enjoying her first "official" lesson.

Eden hugging the Pinto broodmare Rosie-
Prarie Rose- 2004 Half Arab Pinto mare

Gives new meaning to "Whoa...dammit!"

Nothing says a job well done like apple treats!

Love that soft eye, kind of horse that makes all that extra work worth it.

A good "end" to a good day.

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