Foxwillow Farm

2007 Foals

Goodknight Irene and Psoleil VHF by Magnum Spatz, 2007.

This page is under construction. Check back as we update it. All the foals are here! Even the mini, check back for photos!

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May 5, 2007 (Magnum Spatz-Polasingul)

Pseraphym VHF- Born May 5, 2007 just a few hours before the Kentucky Derby, she is a true look alike to her famous granddaddy Magnum Psyche. She will most likely turn grey. She is not available for sale at this time.

April 20, 2007 (Magnum Spatz-The Golden Rocket)

Psavannah VHF- Born April 20, 2007 (Magnum Spatz-The Golden Rocket) Vannah is a full sister to the gorgeous Psandmann VHF. She will be retained as she is the only daughter of my cherished mare, The Golden Rocket. Not a sabino but she has lots of chrome.

The Golden Cherub
(Elaan- Violet Hills Little Angel)

The Golden Cherub- Born August 22, 2007, sired by Elaan out of the pony mare Violet Hills Angel. This little darling will probably find a permenant home here with us but feel free to check back and watch her grow. She will mature to be a mid size pony, definitley has Arabian type! She is a nice end to this years foaling season.


Colonel Chaos
(Colonel J- Ahbajah)

Colonel Chaos- Born June 2007, sired by Colonel J out of the Pure Polish mare Ahbajah. Not quite sure on color though he looks like he will be a black bay, possibly greying out like his dam. Long upright neck, good conformation and size describe this handsome colt. His sire is noted for producing winning performance horses in a multitude of disciplines, looks like this boy will continue that tradition. His owner's have limited room and were hoping for a filly so Chaos is for sale for $2500.00 OBRO. Visit the Sale page for more info. 

April 14, 2007 (Magnum Spatz-Goodknight irene)

Psoleil VHF-  Born April 14, 2007 Sol is a  minimal Sabino colt sired by Magnum Spatz out of Goodknight Irene. He has a broad blaze, bottom lip white and two front stockings that reach almost to his belly. He has a roaned sock in the back as well. Full brother to Psovereign VHF.

April 8, 2007 (Magnum Spatz-IWT Ladyhawke)

Psolotaire VHF- Bay colt born April 8, 2007 on Easter Day sired by Magnum Spatz out of IWT Ladyhawke. He has a star, and two short socks. He is a full brother to Pskychaser VHF. "Jargon" as we like to call him has an awesome people loving personality and is by far the tallest colt we have ever foaled here. He is available for purchase.

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