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Foxwillow Farm

Avalon FW (Day Dream PJ)

Avalon FW (Day Dream PJ) 2007 Arab Stallion
(Abidon-Wispering Dream by Gondolier)

I have always wanted to get into Arabian reining and this horse is the best chance I have ever had at making that dream a reality. Avalon is bred to be a reiner, being sired by one of the breeds top reiners of all time, Abidon. Abidon is a Muscat son out of Padrona by Padron. he is a stunningly beautiful horse and Avalon is unmistakeably his son. Avalon's dam is a pure Polish mare sired by Gondolier who is noted for siring strong performance horses.
When I saw the first video of this colt doing sliding stops, roll backs and turns I was in awe. There is zero doubt that this colt has athletic ability. Avalon is now home after completing reining training and as funds allow (all of us feel the economic crunch) we will show him. His trainer was very much a Quarter Horse man but he did say that for an Arabian, Avalon was very talented and his spins and rollbacks were as good if not better than some of his QH reiners. Avalon does rollbacks and sliding stops in his pen just for fun....its all natural ability, something I am confident he is going to pass on to his foals.
We are offering him to a limited number of mares this year and will be using him on all of our palomino mares. We truly expect  him to add some superstar qualities to our ever expanding palomino and Pinto program!
Introductory Stud Fee; $500.00 Purebreds/  $400.00 all others, $150.00 non refundable Booking Fee,  Live Foal Guarantee
****NOW FOR SALE!!!!! $4500.00 FIRM************

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At five years old, Avalon is maturing into a stunning stallion.
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For some reason he reminds me of Abu Farwa in this photo.



Four Years old, In Training...


As a 2 & 3 Year old, Showing those MOVES...







Rare, behind the scenes footage.......
of Avalon and the man who convinces him to look so good for the pics!





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