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Foxwillow Farm

Pistolla FA

Pistolla FA
(Kuhailan Artex- Goodnight Irene by Bask Knight)

"Pistol" is our first foal by Kuhailan Artex and he is awesome! True, his dam deserves credit as well and it doesn't hurt that both sire and dam are phenotypically very similar. This colt carrries several crosses to Nitez as well as Bask through Tornado, Bask Knight and Karebask. He also has lines to Pistolleero, Gaamar, and Witez. This colt has lots of substance and type as well as a wonderful disposition. Although he is the youngest so far, he is by far the fastest learner. Absolutely love this colt's brain! This one just might be the horse that pulls me back into the show ring! Stay tuned and check back often to watch him grow.

Pistol at 2 1/2 weeks.

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Pictured with his dam at 2 1/2 weeks.



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