Foxwillow Farm

Pseraphym VHF

Pseraphym VHF
(Magnum Spatz- Polasingul by Gallup)

This lovely girl has been a knock out since the day she was born. She has the snort and blow sought after in the show ring but is still a total sweetheart. She has a beautiful head and her dam's lovely long neck with the bonus of lots of hair! She is tall (nearly as tall as her dam at just a year old) and very elegant but not lacking in substance. We are temporarily offering her for sale as we need to cut back on some horses but once we reach our quota she will be removed from the sales list . So if you are looking for a show or breeding prospect don't hesitate- she won't be available for long! $750.00

Shown here as a yearling, she is a big elegant filly and growing like a weed!

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Pseraphym with her gorgeous dam Polasingul


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