Foxwillow Farm

Eden with Foxwillow's Black Cobra
No better way to raise kids than with horses!


Our days as Arabian breeders have finally come to a close but our venture of breeding Missouri Foxtrotters is going strong. There are still many misconceptions about Gaited Horses being limited in what they can do. Although we are first and foremost Trail Riders we also ride our Foxtrotter's in obstacle challenges and even local gymkhanas! One of the prettiest Gaited breeds, Foxtrotter's are also just plain FUN! This breed has something for everyone- they can jump, chase cows, learn tricks, drive...the list just goes on. Foxtrotters are truly an All American breed- developed in the Ozarks by immigrants and settlers who needed a horse that were as versatile as they were. And apparently comfort and "flash" were important too because they succeeded in developing a work horse who had looks and a gait you could ride all day long! Although not a "new" breed the Foxtrotter has been a well kept secret until the last few decades. But now the word is out and we are shouting it from the foot hills of the New York Catskill Mountains- Missouri Foxtrotter's are the Breed for Everyone! Some exciting news, We have added Cotton Eyed Joe Y, a Foxtrotter legend to our herd, but due to his advanced age will only be standing our homozygous black/white Missouri Foxtrotter stallion, Mr. Renegade's Go Boy at public stud. However, there just may be some Joe babies available Summer 2018! Renegade is being registered with the Pinto and Spotted Saddle Horse Association so Mares of other breeds such as Tennessee Walkers and Arabians can be bred to him for registered foals.


Looking forward to the 2017 Foal Crop due to start arriving in March. Most will be available for sale at weaning so keep checking back for updates as they are born. If you are looking for true partners on the trail or otherwise that will leave you energized rather than worn out, Missouri Foxtrotter's are the Go To Breed!
We welcome visitors Spring through Fall, we just ask that you please call ahead. Come and discover the Missouri Foxtrotter- a truly American heritage breed, developed out of a need for a  smooth, sure footed, good natured family horse that was versatile enough to work the fields, take the kids to school and still take the family to church on Sunday in fine style.....the Missouri Foxtrotter is a one of a kind breed...once you ride one you are hooked. They are truly an American breed of distinction.

True testament to our stallion's disposition!
My daughter "hanging around" with our stallion Mr. Renegade's Go Boy.

Visitors are always welcome to come and meet our Missouri Foxtrotters and see for yourself why we are over the moon about these amazing horses as well as our beautiful palomino Partbred Arabians. We are open to farm tours (by appointment) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Bring the a pony, feed an alpaca, take a pony ride! Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the mountain vista as you eat. We also have trails for hiking and blueberries for picking......give us a call at 845-798-0083 to set up a time.***** 

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Two of our Foxtrotter colts enjoying
a crisp Winter morning.

We are located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Sullivan County, New York and raised beautiful as well as functional Arabians and Half Arabs from 1995 to 2015. In 2011, we began to switch gears and as of 2015 have completely changed our program and are now&breeding the wonderfully versatile and All American Missouri Foxtrotter!
 We offer horses for sale and occasionally buy horses as well. Boarding is also available.


Phone: 845-798-0083
We are located in Livingston Manor, Sullivan County, New York.      

**Please note, NO photos on this site may be used without the express permission of the photographer who took them. All the Professional photos on this site are copyrighted and subject to ALL copyright laws.***

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Sale Horse/Breeding Special of the Month

 Each month we will feature one of our sale horses but will no longer be offering a breeding special on this page.  The featured Sale horse will be offered at a special discount price for that month ONLY. Instead of breeding specials we will be posting a Favorite Photo in the Photo Corner.  If you see a photo on our website that you really like shoot us an email and nominate it for next month's Favorite Photo.
Currently we have no horses available for sale,  check back Spring 2017..................................

Cremello 2000 Mare, Broke to Ride, In Foal

We are sold out for this year. Check back later on this spring and summer to see what we have available. Congratulations to all the new owners of Foxwillow horses- Enjoy!.

New! Favorite Photo of the Month Corner....

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 These photos are featured from my photography website, Alexandra's Images, specializing in Equine Photography for farms and sales, but I also cover Events (horse shows, dog shows, political events, car shows, concerts), Dogs, and Special Occasions. I will be posting my favorite photo of the month right here for all to enjoy. It won't always be horse related but I'll keep the theme as horse oriented as I can. Please understand that these photos are copyrighted and marked, you may not use this or any other photo without my express permission. Feel free to shoot me an email and let me know what you think. Many of these photos are available for purchase in my Stock Portfolio Page on the website.
I am officially "open" for Equine Photoshoot bookings as of May 1, 2008. I offer discounts to 4H'ers,  other youth horse organizations and fundraising events. Send an email to for booking and pricing information.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:   or
give us a call at 845-798-0083 anytime.

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Foxwillow Arabians, P.O. Box 79, Livingston Manor, NY 12758 Phone: 845-798-0083

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