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Foxwillow Farm

Riding Lessons

Alexa and her Rocky Mountain gelding Roman.

Alexa has been involved with horses since before she was born. She was a frequent visitor to the barn long before she could even walk, and one of her first words was "horse". She joined 4H and was a youth member of the Phoenix Arabian Horse club growing up. Alexa has shown extensively on the local circuit and some in the Arabian circuit. 

In her teenage years she began assisting in the farm's breeding program; delivering foals, halter breaking and working with the babies to ready them for their new homes at weaning. Any foals that were retained she then worked with on the ground preparing them for the day when they would be started under saddle. Once started Alexa has always been a principal part of putting miles on our young green prospects. We only use Natural Horsemanship methods in our training.

It has always been Alexa's dream to remain at Foxwillow and add her own touch to the farm's programs. As such she has decided to offer Basic Riding Instruction and Horsemanship classes to local residents. See below for further information. In the future we also hope to begin Summer Camp courses as well as a local "Scholarship" program for kids who are unable to afford riding instruction but show a real interest in becoming involved with horses. At Foxwillow, we believe in the old adage (with a slight twist) that there is nothing like the outside of a horse to bring out the good in a child. 

In our experience being involved with horses goes a long way in helping to keep young pre-teens and teenagers on the straight and narrow. Horsemanship teaches respect, responsibility, self esteem, confidence, work ethic and compassion. Those involved with horses tend to do better in school, become hardworking assets to their communities and are more sympathetic to human and animal kind as well. At Foxwillow want to do our part helping more young people in our community realize their dreams and self worth.

It's in the genes! A true mother and daughter operation!
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Alexa enjoying a bareback romp on her Rocky Mountain gelding.

Rules & Requirements-

All students under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet (ASTM certified) and proper riding boots (NO SNEAKERS, MUST have a heel.) 

All riding students regardless of age must wear long pants and riding shoes or boots.

All students must practice general safety and follow all Farm and Barn rules both posted and verbal.

All students must sign a waiver prior to engaging in any riding activity at Foxwillow Farm.

Lesson horses will be provided unless prior arrangements have been made to use a students own horse.

Please contact us with any questions or to sign up for the lesson program. Space is limited.


2011 Riding Lesson Program

Offering Beginner/Intermediate and Some Specialized Riding Instruction

Beginner English/Western                                 $35/hr

Intermediate English/Western                            $35/hr

Basic Trail                                                          $45/ 1 1/2 hrs

Group Lessons   Available by request

Working With Child and their own Horse         Call for info


Foxwillow Farm
PO Box 79
Livingston Manor, NY 12758

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